The POWERGUN is the latest product in a long line of high quality, award winning lubrication equipment designed and produced by Macnaught offering the operator high performance, reliability and peace of mind when greasing. It is the perfect solution for almost any continuous flow, high pressure greasing application.
Supplied in a plastic carry case complete with two high-performance lithium-ion batteries, a
1-hour fast charger, Macnaught's classic KY SUPERGRIP grease coupler for a leak-free high pressure grease connection and a one meter long flexible grease extension for improved accessibility when greasing hard to reach fittings.
Macnaught Pty Ltd
  Key features and specs
• Advanced technology and
  ergonomic design for easy
• Continuous flow with an
  output of 150g/min
• Pressure to 8500psi
• Motor overload protection
• 18V Li-ion battery that only
  takes an hour to charge
• 450g grease cartridge
• Designed and built under
  stringent Macnaught quality
  control protocols
• 2 year service warranty
  (excluding battery)


The built-in pressure switch allows the user to deliver up to 150g of grease per minute on the high-volume setting to quickly repack grease fittings, or grease at up to 8,500psi on the high-pressure setting to clear blocked grease fittings.

The POWERGUN is capable of dispensing up to 3 cartridges of grease from a single charge, which is extended to up to 6 cartridges with the use of the bonus battery.

The POWERGUN is a robust, reliable, battery-operated grease gun complete with a 2 year warranty, designed to withstand the most demanding conditions and environments.

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18V Lithium-ion

lightweight, long life

grease coupler

Spring loaded
bleeder valve
to simplify new cartridge bleeding

LED Light
to light dark areas and
locate grease nipples

450g grease

Ergonomic design
with stable free-stand capability

1m flexible
the longest grease
hose available